A Guide to Decorating Bedroom Shelves

Decorating bedroom shelves can be a difficult task. However, with the right tips, you can get the result that you have been admiring for a while. This post has 6 tips that are guaranteed to make the decorating process enjoyable and the results amazing.

Clear everything to start afresh

The starting process should not have any distractions. By pulling out all the items from the shelves, you get a blank canvas that enables you to focus on the goal. An empty shelf helps in identifying missing items that might make it look better.

Decide on the color scheme

Assess the current dominant colors in the bedroom. The shelves should have pieces with colors that complement the current ones. The look does not have to be monochromatic but 2 to 3 colors make the look simple and pleasing to the eye.

Partition spaces on the shelves

The process of decorating becomes less intimidating when you divide the shelves into sections in your mind. The height, size, and shape of the shelves determine the number of items to be stacked on them. Collect items that fit the shelves and decide which ones benefit the style that you want.

Create a layered look

Eliminate objects that make the décor look congested and uneven. Use storage bins to hide extra objects. Place objects that look alike in color and shape together. This move helps you to remain with an interesting and more collected look.

Create patterns on the shelves

A symmetrical look of items on the shelves is appealing. Draw attention to items that you value the most by placing them at the center and other objects beside them. At this point, if some objects feel out of place, you can move them around to achieve visual harmony.

Revise the shelves’ arrangement

After some time, try taking some items out and replacing them. Take a step back and analyze the shelves. You can take a picture and review areas that need changes.

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